cAbernet And A

Cabernet and A: Pretty Little Liars Google Doc,

August 1, 2015

This was taken from our infamous "Pretty Little Liars" Google Doc which contains, pll theories, lists of A messages, notes and most of all, questions. This excerpt was last updated July 29th, 2014. The list was created in December 2013.


-Who killed the girl whose body is in Ali’s grave?

-Who knocked out and buried Ali?

-Who killed Ian?

-Who killed Garrett?

-Who killed Wilden?

-Who killed Marion Cavanaugh?

-Who set the lodge on fire

---Shana confessed to this

---Melissa said it was Wilden, but wasn’t he already dead and/or at the lake?

-Who was A before Ali disappeared?

-Who killed Maya?

---I don’t believe it was Nate

-Who did Aria stab with a screwdriver on the Halloween train?

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