cAbernet And A

Pretty Little Liars - Who Dat?!

August 1, 2015

Taken from the Google Docs, this list is a running musing of who some of the people we've met are on Pretty Little Liars.


-The Woman in Black at Wilden’s funeral?

--Seen in an ‘A Scene’ taking off an Ali mask of which one side is burned, presumably from the lodge fire

-The Creepy Zombie from ‘The First Secret

--Accounted for: Melissa, Ian, Noel, Jenna, Wilden, Liars, Sort of Accounted For: Mona, Lucas

-The Girl in Ali’s Grave

--Bethany Young

-Board Shorts

--Is this 100% Ezra?

--Is this the same person as Beach Hottie?

-Beach Hottie

--Same as Board Shorts?

-The “guy Alis likes who likes to make movies”

--Ian? Board Shorts/Ezra?

-The person driving the car when Ali is hurrying to Route 30 from the mask guy’s workshop

-The person Ali thought she was afraid of

-The person who Ali comes to realize she should be afraid of

-The person who is A before Ali disappears

-Dr. Sullivan’s son

-The body in the woods Spencer thought was Toby

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