cAbernet And A

Ep. 113: Checking in w/ PLL Newbies Babe & Leo Pt. 5!

February 1, 2017

This week on our Pretty Little Liars podcast @TheSueFunke and @TheChelseaWhite are joined by PLL newbies Babe Parker (@babeparker) and Leo Martin (@leosoup) for our fifth installment of following their PLL journey as they watch the entire series from episode 1 in an attempt to catch up for the 7B premiere in April! This week we unpack Ep. 5.11 "No One Here Can Love or Understand Me" which has a BIG REVEAL! We'll check in with them from time to time over the bridge season and these are great episodes for new PLL watchers- no spoilers! We would love you for subscribing, rating and reviewing! And get in touch with us on Twitter @cAbernetAndA,, and following @TheChelseaWhite and @TheSueFunke on Twitter and Snapchat!