cAbernet And A

Ep. 57: Revisiting ep. 2.12 “Over My Dead Body” with Kelly Noonan!

January 6, 2016

This week on our Pretty Little Liars podcast @TheSueFunke and @TheChelseaWhite are extremely hungover from New Year's Eve and are joined by our fan-voted favorite guest of all-time Kelly Noonan (@BurnInKell)! Together we revisit ep. 2.12 "Over My Dead Body" because apparently it's the highest rated episode ever on IMDB. See you next week for the Off the Rails Season 6B Premiere!!! We would love you for subscribing, rating and reviewing! And get in touch with us on Twitter @cAbernetAndA,, and following @TheChelseaWhite and @TheSueFunke on Twitter and Snapchat!