cAbernet And A

Ep. 61: Toby’s All Salty and Butt Hurt (6.14 Analysis w/ Kelly Noonan! )

February 2, 2016

This week on our Pretty Little Liars podcast @TheSueFunke and @TheChelseaWhite analyze Ep. 6.14 "New Guys New Lies" with everyone's favorite guest Kelly Noonan! (@BurnInKell). Lots of business up front, but party in the back for sure. A real mullet of an episode. Also Tanooki humps the floor and we open up the sex partner vault! It all happens right now on Cabernet and A! We would love you for subscribing, rating and reviewing! And get in touch with us on Twitter @cAbernetAndA,, and following @TheChelseaWhite and @TheSueFunke on Twitter and Snapchat!